Spin Class

I’ve recently started exercising on the regular. I started doing this for both my mental health and my physical health. I have known for years that it absolutely helps me dealing with my anxiety and now since I have had a baby I have to put a little extra effort into maintaining my goal weight. I joined a barre and bike studio and started out with just barre classes. I loved the barre classes and I could instantly feel my body growing stronger. That sore muscle feeling always makes me feel like I’m getting something out of it. I had never taken a spin class before and decided to try it at the studio one day. I fell in love! Cardio has never been my thing. I tried to become a runner and it just wasn’t for me. I’ve done the elliptical at gyms I’ve joined over the years. Nothing ever stuck and it always seemed like such a chore to go to the gym. But spin is something that I actually enjoy. I look forward to spin class and I try and get there 4-5 times a week now. Do you guys work out? What exercise do you guys enjoy?

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