Currently Reading

I love reading books, whether it’s on my Kindle app or a traditional book. I actually prefer holding and reading a traditional book but I tend to read right before most of the time so I use the Kindle app on my phone more often than not (I know, terrible for my eyes!). I haven’t read as my as I would like over the past year or so because I have been consumed with graduate school, work, and a new baby, but I have recently started finding time to carve out to spend some more time reading again.

I tend to read more fiction books, usually mysteries, but I do enjoy nonfiction reads from time to time. Right now this is what I’m currently reading:

I’m Fine…And Other Lies by Whitney Cummings

I love Whitney Cummings, I think she’s hilarious, honest, and raw. This is like a self-help book but not in the preachy, “you can do it!” sort of way. She talks about struggles with mental health, success, being a woman in this world, all while being hilarious at the same time. I feel like she puts herself out there and vulnerable and relatable. Click the picture below to purchase. What are you guys currently reading? Do you prefer digital reads or traditional hard copy books?

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