Toddler toys

Prior to having Ella I thought baby/toddler toys that made noise were the most annoying thing. And well, I guess that hasn’t changed too much but I feel like now I am use to the noise and don’t really even notice anymore haha. Now that I’m a mom though I see why baby and toddler toys make noise, she loves it. Here are a few of Ella’s favorites

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magical Lights Fishbowl

Ella’s had this toy for a few months now and it’s probably her favorite out of these three. She loves fish, whether she sees them when we take her to the zoo or aquarium, sees them on tv, or they are in toy form, like this. This toy count, sings, and teaches shapes and colors. She loves putting the fish into the bowl and taking them back out.


Vtech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

This toy is so versatile. She got this for her birthday from a family friend earlier this month and she already loves it. Your toddler can ride this like a train and sit on the back or it the back part can be disconnected and your toddler can stand up and push it holding onto the yellow handle. There is tons of buttons on the side that make different sounds when pushed and it can be switched either to numbers or animals depending on what you choose.


Fisher-Price Double Poppin’ Dino

This toy has two levels of ball popping. You can either spin the yellow/blue mechanism on the lower front to make it start the popping motion or you can press down on the top where the mesh is. This toy was made so that when the balls pop out the child will chase the balls that have popped out and rolled away. Ella is so fascinated by the popping motion and loves to watch it.


What are your kids favorite toys?

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