Wedding Planning

Chris and I got engaged this past March and our wedding is in March 2020. We’ll be getting married in Maui, Hawaii and I can’t wait! I felt like March was so far off when we first picked the date but now it’s edging closer and closer. We picked March of next year because we wanted time to plan and also didn’t want to do it in the dead of winter, even though it is in Hawaii. We wanted it to be on the warmer side because it will be an outdoor ceremony and reception.

I found a venue that I immediately fell in love with, Olowalu Plantation House, which is the picture above. I was googling venues on various Hawaiian islands after we got engaged and didn’t see any that I was in love with and decided I would take a break and look again another time. Just as I was about to close my web browser I saw this venue under suggestions on another venue information page. As soon as I went on their website I knew this was the place. I showed Chris later that day and I think we had it booked within two days!

My sister, Tina, is a wedding planner and that’s been a godsend with the planning process. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most organized person and especially not when it comes to wedding stuff, and on top of that it being a destination wedding. Pretty much everything is planned for the wedding already- I have my dress, we booked the venue, caterer, DJ, florist, and hair/make up artist. Now we just have to send out our invites in a few months and book our flights!

Our guest list ended up being around 150 people. We’re not having any kids besides our two nieces and three nephews, and of course our daughter, Ella. I am so happy that she is going to be a part of this day with us. We also are not having a wedding party. I feel like this is just easier and I want everyone to enjoy their day. All of my friends are close to me in their own ways and I feel like it would be so hard to narrow it down for a wedding party.

I’ll be sure to share updates as the months go on!

Are you guys married or engaged? Where did you get married? Where would your dream wedding be?

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