Toddler Eats

Ella use to be a great eater. She would eat any pouch we gave her, crackers, cheese, fish, scrambled eggs. Now she is so picky. It’s like she turned one and flipped a switch. Hates pouches, won’t even look at cheese. She’s still in love with her teething crackers, probably the least nutritious thing we offer her, naturally. And also cheerios.

I’m currently trying to get her to eat some mini pancakes this morning. But the girl isn’t interested- I even showed her the package of them which has Sesame Street characters on- her current favorite, hoping this would entice her. But nope, she’s not having it. She is just picking the pancakes apart and throwing them on the ground- thank god for my two little dogs, they’re loving this stage she’s going through. It looks like I’ll be pulling the cheerios out soon!

Did your toddlers go through this stage? What did you find that they liked?

3 thoughts on “Toddler Eats

  1. My middle child is 2 years old. He’s never ate too much solid food but at least he ate. Now 3 weeks ago he has really been refusing to eat and decided he wanted to breastfeed again! I can’t sit down without him hanging from me! It’s overwhelming.

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      1. I think so. My first child after he stopped breastfeeding him, about 6 months later he asked if he could latch on. Took me by surprise! I just gave him his sippy cup and redirected his attention.

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