Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! We made it to the weekend! Here’s a round up of things I’ve been loving. Let me know in the comments what your current favorites are!

Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Packets

I love iced coffee! There’s a Starbucks directly across the street from my work and it’s so tempting to just go buy iced coffee. It’s like a part of my work routine to have an iced coffee at my desk, but that happen can become expensive quickly. I saw an advertisement for these cold brew packets somewhere a few weeks ago so the next time I went to target I bought one. One box comes with two 6-servings. I love them! One pack makes about 6 cups of coffee. You put the two packets in pitcher with four cups of water and then leave in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours and then remove the coffee packets. It’s unsweetened, which I love because I don’t sweeten my coffee, just add a splash of almond milk. I have ready-to-go iced coffee for my mornings! I usually make one to have at my desk throughout the day as well.

Sweet Water Decor coffee mug

Isn’t this coffee mug the cutest? It’s a combination of some of my favorite things- gold, pink, lashes, and holds caffeine. Perfect! Sweet Water Decor has a bunch of other cute items on their website, I definitely want to pick up some more things. Click the photo to get to their website. Does any body else collect coffee mugs?

YSL Black Opium Perfume

If you haven’t smelled this perfume you need to go to Sephora ASAP and smell it. I. Love. This. Scent. I’ve been wearing it for years and I’m on my third or fourth bottle. It’s the perfect combination of coffee, vanilla, and jasmine. Trust me, just get a sample and you will thank me! What’s your favorite perfume?

OPI Bubble Bath + Essie Topless & Barefoot

My two favorite pinky nude nail polishes. I always get some semi sheer pinky nude on my fingernails and OPI Bubble Bath is definitely my go to. For my toes I tend to switch it up and either get red, hot pink, or a nude. I don’t like my toes to be as sheer as my nails so when I want a nude for my toes I go with Essie Topless & Barefoot. What’s your favorite or go-to nail color?

What things have you been loving recently?

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