R+F Skincare

I developed melasma while I was pregnant with my daughter. It made me self-conscious, especially when I went out of the house bare-faced. While I love make up, I wanted to be able to leave the house without it sometimes without feeling like the dark spots on my face was the only thing people could see. Even if I wore make up, I felt like my skin just looked dirty or that I had done a bad bronzer job due to the dark spots.

I had been following a woman named Jenna on Instagram for awhile and had seen that she was a Rodan and Fields business owner. She had shared that she had also struggled with melasma that developed in pregnancy and she stood by these products and credited them in fading away her melasma. So I decided to contact her about the skincare and I purchased the Reverse Brightening Regimen. This specific regimen targets dark spots and helps to brighten your skin. I purchased my first regimen from her, along with Lash Boost (hi beautiful, long dark lashes!). 

Within two months of using the regimen I noticed that my melasma was fading away. I was beginning to feel more confident in my skin again, and my lashes were out of this world long and dark. 

Then one day, I thought to myself, why don’t I start my own Rodan and Field business? I would love to help other women feel beautiful and more confident in their skin. I also loved the women empowerment that I saw promoted within this business. Women supporting women is so refreshing to see. I wanted to be able to make some money on the side (I work full-time as a clinical social worker) that would help me to pay off my student loan debt faster, as well as some extra money to travel with Ella and Chris. 

I reached out to Jenna and asked her if I could join her team and she was more than happy to have me. I purchased my business kit and got to work. I signed up my first two Preferred Customers within a few days after starting my business. I love that this business is giving me more financial freedom with a supplemental income and I also love that it’s helping me make women feel more confident and beautiful in their skin. 

Do you have any skin care concerns? Acne, aging, large pores, fine lines, dark spots, redness, irritation? Lets chat and I can recommend what Rodan and Fields products will help address your skin issues. Or are you interested in opening your own R+F business?I would love to have you on my team. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I’m here to answer any questions you have about skincare or starting your business! Message me on instagram @jeanninejbird, email me, or comment down below!